Deb Dart Music
Deb and Charlie Dart Duo
Deb Dart and The Shore Things

Growing up as an East Coast girl, music was always a huge part of my life. Singing became my passion and guitar playing made that happen.

Marrying into a musical family gave me decades of opportunities from singing with the cottage band to becoming the lead singer for The Shore Things.

The Shore Things

The Shore Things from North Shore Music

From Front to Back: Dave Curran on electric and acoustic guitar, John Sanzo on bass, Dave Perry on keyboards, vocals, drums, congas, and other percussion, Deb Dart on vocals, acoustic guitar, and percussion, Charlie Dart on drums, and congas. New additions to our band (new picture coming soon) is Peter Snell playing sax, flute, harmonica, and vocals, and Carol Snell on vocals.

Deb and Charlie

I’m also enjoying playing as a duo for smaller venues with my drummer/roadie husband Charlie. Thank the universe for him!

Deb Dart and Charlie Play Humble and Kind At The Old Bookstore Cafe

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